Fun with a little bit of risk.


CHallenge Course

  • The Challenge Course is designed to offer individuals and groups opportunities to develop & enhance their groups dynamics and to challenge personal growth in spiritual, physical, mental & social areas. 
  • The Challenge Course provides your group an activity where persons can experience encouragement, support, trust, team work and an exciting challenge.
  • It provides opportunity for individual growth, confidence building, and self-esteem.
  • The Team Challenge Course includes various elements and initiatives that are used as a group problem solving activity. One element is used at a time and elements are used at various stages of the group building process, generally highlighting a particular aspect of group dynamic (e.g.-communication, trust, team work, leadership, etc.).

  • A trained facilitator will guide your group through this exciting experience.
  • Challenge Course Group Questionnaire
  • Participant Agreement Form


  • This is a team event/element that allows a group to work together building trust, communication, and team work.
  • Individually the Giant Swing will allow a person to be challenged to take risk, while building confidence and self-esteem.

  • Participants are suspended 12 feet in the air from a cable and pulled by a team to a height of their choosing (the greatest height is approximately 30 feet).

  • At their choice, the participant signals to the team that they will release their hold and swing.

  • Participants swing a large distance and are stopped by a trained facilitator.

  • A trained facilitator will guide your group through the adventure of swinging in the tree tops!

  • Participant Agreement Form


Zip Line

Participants descend from a 35' high platform along a 400' cable. The rider is connected at all times being belayed to the top and connected to a zip trolley for the ride down.

Participant Agreement Form


Hours Low/Team Giant Swing Zip Line Two Choices *
2 hrs (minimum) $7 $7 $7 $12
3 hrs (1/2 day) $10 $10 $10 $15
6 hrs (full day) $18 $18 $18 $30
  • * NOTE: Two choices are recommended to be Challenge Course (Low/Team) and Zip Line, OR Challenge Course (Low/Team) and Giant Swing.  
  • Day groups - bagged lunch available for $5.00 per person
  • 20% discount on above rates for groups staying overnight

Who May Participate?

Church groups, School groups, Christian organizations, Pastoral staff and others who are interested in a challenge experience can participate. 

  • There is a 10 person minimum and participants should be at least 10 years old.
  • For the Giant Swing and Zip Line, participants must fit properly in an approved climbing harness provided by Tel Hai Camp. 
  • Participant Agreement Form - All participants must fill out, sign and bring with them a Participant Agreement Form to use the challenge course or the zip line - you may download the linked form or contact the office.
  • Challenge Course Group Questionnaire - We ask groups using the challenge course to fill out the Group Questionnaire so we can design a lesson plan for your group. You may download the linked form or contact the office.

How Do I Make Reservations?

  • The Challenge Course, Giant Swing, and Zip Line are available from September through November and from March through May, weather permitting. 
  • Reservations should be made at least three weeks in advance for a session due to setting up the program and staffing the event. 
  • We recommend scheduling at least 2 hours for your Challenge Course session and at least 3 hours if also doing the Zip Line or Giant Swing, for optimal benefit.
  • Due to staffing, we usually are unable to do the Challenge Course, Giant Swing, Zip Line, and Climbing Wall at the same time. They should be scheduled for separate time slots. We also recommend only choosing two choices of Challenge Course, Giant Swing, and Zip Line.
  • Please call (610) 273-3969 for open dates, allowing as much advance time as possible.