Fun with a little bit of fear.


CHallenge Course

  • The Challenge Course is designed to offer individuals and groups opportunities to develop & enhance their groups dynamics and to challenge personal growth in spiritual, physical, mental & social areas. 
  • The Challenge Course provides your group an activity where persons can experience encouragement, support, trust, team work and an exciting challenge.
  • It provides opportunity for individual growth, confidence building, and self-esteem.
  • The Team Challenge Course includes various elements and initiatives that are used as a group problem solving activity. One element is used at a time and elements are used at various stages of the group building process, generally highlighting a particular aspect of group dynamic (e.g.-communication, trust, team work, leadership, etc.).
  • A trained facilitator will guide your group through this exciting experience.
  • Challenge Course Group Questionnaire
  • Participant Agreement Form


Zip Line

Participants descend from a 35' high platform along a 400' cable. The rider is connected at all times being belayed to the top and connected to a zip trolley for the ride down.

Participant Agreement Form


Hours Low/Team Zip Line Both
2 hrs (minimum) $7 $7 $12
3 hrs (1/2 day) $10 $10 $15
6 hrs (full day) $18 $18 $30

   *Day groups - bagged lunch available for $5.00 per person
   *20% discount on above rates for groups staying overnight

Who May Participate?

Church groups, School groups, Christian organizations, Pastoral staff and others who are interested in a challenge experience can participate. 

  • There is a 10 person minimum and participants should be at least 10 years old.
  • For the Zip Line, participants must fit properly in an approved climbing harness provided by Tel Hai Camp. 
  • Participant Agreement Form - All participants must fill out, sign and bring with them a Participant Agreement Form to use the challenge course or the zip line - you may download the linked form or contact the office.
  • Challenge Course Group Questionnaire - We ask groups using the challenge course to fill out the Group Questionnaire so we can design a lesson plan for your group. You may download the linked form or contact the office.

How Do I Make Reservations?

  • The Challenge Course and Zip Line are available from September through November and from March through May, weather permitting. 
  • Reservations should be made at least three weeks in advance for a session due to setting up the program and staffing the event. 
  • We recommend scheduling at least 2 hours for your challenge course session and at least 3 hours if also doing the zip line, for optimal benefit.
  • Due to staffing, we usually are unable to do the challenge course, zip line, and climbing wall at the same time. They should be scheduled for separate time slots. 
  • Please call (610) 273-3969 for open dates, allowing as much advance time as possible.