Invest in the
lives of children


Our Camper Scholarship Program is a financial assistance program which has been set up especially for children who would like to come to camp but are not able because of lack of funds.

A donation to our Camp Scholarship Program is an investment in the lives of children… children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to come to camp.

Who benefits from Camper Scholarships?

Full and/or partial scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis to all who request them and meet the basic criteria. The program is available to all children regardless of race, color, or national origin, who are registering for one of the Summer Camp Weeks, Dad & Lad Camp, or Mother Daughter Spring Getaway.

How do Camper Scholarships work?

A special account designated " CARE Scholarships" has been set up. When donations are received, 100% of the funds given are placed in this account. Monies from this account are made available to campers in the form of scholarships. There is an application screening process established and the funds are distributed according to these criteria. Donations to this fund cannot be designated for a particular camper. All donations to this program are tax deductible.

How can I get in on this exciting opportunity?

  • Mail in your donation, designating the check to "CARE Scholarships."
  • We will send you a receipt and acknowledgment for your gift, as well as a summary report of how these funds were used and a thank you (often from campers).