God is Our Faithful Friend, God is our Forever Friend - Adventure Camp - Day #3

Our middle of the week adventures has been fun! The day began with wearing crazy socks which kept up moving! We have had another fun day of elective classes. The campers have enjoyed shooting targets at the Rifelry range and Archery to win smarties. In Challenge Course class the group crossed the crazy river on the cargo net. Other campers were ringing the bell as they climbed the rock wall in climbing class. While at horses, the campers have had fun getting to ride Shiloh, Zane, Patches, Quincy, and the other horses. In Ceramics each camper has been busy painting their newly fired creation. And finally, in Concoctions class, the campers were bouncing around the room with their newly made bouncy balls. The recipe was a success!


With all the activity, the campers are having a wonderful time learning new skills and making new friends. In fact, our theme and “Word Up” for the day is “God is Our Faithful Friend”. Today’s lesson about King David focused on David’s friendship with Jonathan. The lesson came from 1 Samuel 19. We learned how Jonathan was a faithful friend to David when David was in danger with King Saul. It was God who gave Jonathan to be a faithful friend to David. Likewise, when we have been trapped in our sin God provided Jesus to be our Savior and faithful friend forever. The Bible says, “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32. And in Proverbs 17:17 it says “A friend love at all times”

Our Psalm memory verse for today is

“Sing to the LORD, praise his name, proclaim his salvation day after day.” – Psalm 96:2

We can Clap Our Hands and Stomp Our Feet, and sing to the Lord because God is Our Faithful Friend! 

Our day ended with a camp wide game of clue. The campers were challenged to find out who kidnapped Colin the camp mascot. You will have to ask your camper when they get home who was the guilty person! Of course, the clues weren’t easy to come by since each cabin had to do crazy challenges in order to find out hints. Even though the thunderstorm caused us to have our game in the gym, It was still a lot of fun!

As we post this blog and wrap up the middle of Adventure Camp week, campers are climbing into bed and looking forward to a restful night of sleep. And so is the staff! We thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for Adventure Camp.