Adventure Camp Day 3 - We are 'Clued In'

Day 3 - Hump Day - is done. The week of Adventure Camp is going quickly by. They do say that time flies when you are having fun! Today we had loads of fun! Today was crazy sock day here at camp and we all started the day donning our craziest pair of socks. (see the pictures below). The adventures of the rest of the day had some of us exploding egg rockets in concoctions class, to having a kayak race during boating class. Arts and crafts got a little crazy doing tie-dye, while all campers, 10 and older went flying high on our new Giant Swing! Our day also included mastering the motions to our songs, while learning how to look up verses in our Bible. We ended today with a giant camp game of Clue, adapted from the board game by the same name. The campers had to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Mr. Bruce's mascot - Colin. Unfortunately no team was able to solve the mystery completely, but it was an adventure trying to figure it out. The campers and staff had a lot of fun!

In chapel though, the clues of how to know Jesus and receive salvation are being shared clearly. Today's Bible lessons from Mr. Ethan emphasized different ways that God calls individuals to know Him. The four different ways that we mainly discussed is that God calls through his word, through conversation with others, through our questions and curiosity, and by conviction of sin. In all these ways God gives a desire to an individual to want to know him. When we have that desire we need to respond and accept the call of God by receiving Jesus as our Savior. When we respond, God will never turn us away. The WORD UP for today was "God's Call is Forever!" The main text of our lesson came from Matthew 22, the parable of the Wedding Banquet. In the parable of the wedding banquet God provided garments for the man to attend the wedding but the man refused to take the garments. Likewise today, God has provided salvation through Jesus Christ and we must receive this salvation to be with God in Heaven. Mr. Ethan explained that we have all been invited to be with Jesus and we must respond and be clothed with God's salvation. Our theme verse for today came from John 6:37 which says:

"All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away."

In less then 48 hours the campers will be driving away from Tel Hai Adventure Camp 2018. Yet, our fervent prayer even as they sleep tonight is that the Holy Spirit is calling them closer to the Lord and reminding them that "God's call is Forever!". May each camper hear and heed the call of God!